We have spacious library. Library is stocked with good Reference Books, Encyclopedias of different subjects, Periodicals & Journals to cater to the need of the students, books and steadily being added to the already being added to the already existing plentiful.

Medical Room

The school is sufficiently well equipped to face any kind of medical emergency. There is a sick room attended by a full time experienced nurse. In addition the school also organizes regular health check ups for the students every term. The school keeps a detailed record of the medical history of each student and appropriate medical care is provided as and when required.


A full fledged canteen is functioning in the school campus where healthy food and light snacks are available at reasonable prices. The cleanliness and hygiene of the canteen is specially taken care of by the school. Students are mainly encouraged to take healthy food from the canteen and bar themselves from taking junk food.

RO System

“The healthier a man is, the more harmoniously all his facilities develop”. The institution keeps in priority that the preservation of health is a duty among students. The school has a R.O. System to provide pure and safe drinking water to students.