School Events

Tittle : First Ever Offline Model United Nations Conference (AGDAV MUN)

The A.G.D.A.V SCHOOL successfully organized their first ever offline model united nations conference on 9 and 10 of November under the guidance of the ssc department and was coordinated by the core secretariat team and teacher coordinators MISS.  SHYAMA, MISS. CHANCHAL AND MISS. GARIMA.

It was a two day event with total of 63 students participating from the school providing a huge amount of exposure to all of them and learning to become future leaders and diplomats. the school?s staff coordinated and managed successfully with the students in making this event a grand success .

The MUN had two committees in total which were UNITED NATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION with the agenda of ?violations of human rights of civilians in terrorist occupied and conflict prone areas? having in total of 43 participants representing different views and solutions on the agenda. The main focus on both the days was to focus on the grass root level problems and trying to curb them throughout, the delegates came with tremendous amount of research and content and left with confidence, diplomacy and enthusiasm.

The second committee being UNITED NATION SECURITY COUNCIL which is also one of the principal bodies of the United Nations. the agenda for the same was ?Russia and Ukraine conflict? which again is a conventional and a current issue which needs debate and discussion at a world level and students imbibing the same spirit was something worth holding the conference.

The conference was also very much economical as the team charged only 250 rupees from every participant and managed to provide them with food, delegate kits, trophies for the winners and an experienced and tremendous executive board. The team ensured to provide the delegates a standardized environment and facilities to give them the real of a MUN.

The school invited 2 executive board members from the MUN circuit with both of them having a 40 to 50 plus experience each, the rest of them were the school class 12 and 11 students with an 40 plus MUN experience as well. The board?s experience definitely enhanced the conference and motivated the students to perform to their finest.

Everyone was tremendous and smoothly the conference was ended with the acknowledgement and appreciation from the principal madam.

We have  also attached few pictures of the conference below .