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Tittle : Pure Mathematics in its way is poetry of logical ideas, the music of reason

 Pure Mathematics in its way is poetry of logical ideas, the music of reason.?

To commemorate the birth anniversary of Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, National Mathematics Day was celebrated at Arvind Gupta DAV centenary Public School on  22nd December, 2022. The main aim of the celebration was to awaken the interest and temperament towards mathematics through thought provoking skit, speeches and activities thereby creating awareness about the importance of mathematics in day to day life.

 National Mathematics Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and valor by AGDAVians . Keeping  in mind, NEP 2020 , to advocate holistic and experiential learning among learners, an array of inquiry-driven,discovery-oriented and  learner centered  activities were organised in the school premises.

 Primary wing students enhanced their creative skills by making mathematical rangometry and  new year cards using various geometrical concepts .A movie on the life of Srinivasa Ramanujan was shown to acquaint young children about the life history of Ramanujan and his  immense contribution in the field of mathematics.

Senior wing students boosted their logical thinking and problem solving skills by solving sudoku puzzles. They made mathematical book marks and 3D polyhedrons thereby enhancing life skills such as communication, cooperation, and resilience


A special assembly was organised with great pomp and show to  acquaint learners how mathematics is interrelated in different areas of life.

 Primary wing students showed their creative skills via rap song on shapes and angle . A Dance performance on angle song was also exhibited. A Role play on Ramanujan was showcased . Stories on mathematical dream and zero was enacted by learners. Student recited a poem  on Dare to be different and dressed up as 3 D figures. Many riddles were asked during the assembly to instill the seeds of inquiry-driven based learning.Our tiny tots displayed immense enthusiasm for joyful learning of mathematics.

 Senior wing students displayed unique way of learning mathematics through melodious song on zero and pie .A short skirt was enacted to stress upon Multi-disciplinary aproach of  mathematics. It aimed at  holistic education  and integrity across various sciences and arts . Commendable Dance performance was presented on the life journey of Ramanujan and its contribution to acquaint learners with his immense contribution and legacy. Few questions were also asked during assembly to enhance computational skills .

Principal madam Mrs. Mala Sood and supervisory heads of both the wings applauded the efforts of students by their pearls of wisdom .